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I have come along way since I got back into song writing in 2019 after a lull since 2003.

I have many songs now and most of them are on all streaming platforms and my catalogue is eclectic with different genres.

I write songs about any subject and I have worked with a singer/songwriter from Nashville by the name of Ethan Burch and he has produced great music for my songs and he has featured on some of my songs given them great vocals. I have also had songs produced by Custom Anthems and they have produced great work for me too.

I have found myself adding EDM and Electronica to my collection too and instrumentals. My songs are available to licence and are all registered with the PRS. I have been busy pitching my songs as well as keeping social media and a website up to date.

I have had some success with some of my songs being played on the radio like 'Seven Days A Week' - 'I'll Drive The Haters Into The Ground' and 'Deadman Walking' on Radio Wigwam and

'Visions Of You' on Amazing Radio. My song 'Seven Days A Week' has been selected to be played on the Concerto XL platform which is a virtual concert due to open soon.

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