Latest update, two more songs added to my catalogue, the first one is called 'Killing Love Slow' but this is not on the streaming platforms yet. The next new song is 'Fast Lane Living' and this will soon be on all streaming platforms. This update 20-6-2020
Two new songs added to my catalogue are 'Riders Of Temptation' and 'Halloween' at present Halloween is the only song not on the streaming platforms. This update 30-5-2020.


Soon to be on all streaming platforms new release 'Lockdown'

Latest single release   featuring Ethan Z Burch  is 'Nature's Plea'. Now available on all streaming platforms.

'Put The Weapons Down' is a new release and is now on all streaming platforms.

Roof Top Rock is one song in my catalogue  and this song was produced by Stuart Epps.

Songs in my catalogue are;

City Skyline - Wicked Whispers - You Could Have Met Me

Tossing And Turning - Life Is Like - There Is Hope - You Can Spin - Simplicity - Christmas Angels - Nature's Plea - Roof Top Rock

He's Got Boots And Baggy Jumpers - Cat's Eyes -

What Happens If The Sun Dies - They Didn't Run Scared

If You Love Me - Little Pink Guitar - Fire Is Your Fortifier - Lockdown - Put The Weapons Down

All songs are on the streaming websites.

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