Songs in my catalogue are;

City Skyline - Wicked Whispers - You Could Have Met Me - Tossing And Turning - Life Is Like - There Is Hope - You Can Spin - Simplicity - Christmas Angels - Nature's Plea - Roof Top Rock - Fast Lane Living - Driving Ambition (instrumental)

No Denying, Still Waters.

He's Got Boots And Baggy Jumpers - Cat's Eyes - What Happens If The Sun Dies - They Didn't Run Scared

If You Love Me - Little Pink Guitar - Fire Is Your Fortifier - Lockdown - Put The Weapons Down - Halloween - Killing Love Slow - Ghost Town - I'll Drive The Haters Into The Ground - I'm Waiting For You - Ghost Town - Christmas Time - Gaslighting.

All songs are on the streaming websites except for, 'Driving Ambition',  and 'I'll Drive The Haters Into The Ground' (instrumental)..

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