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My name is Lindsay Jupp

I am a songwriter with eclectic tastes and songs I have written can be found on all streaming sites and are available to buy.  


I do not perform and I do not tour  I just like writing songs and I make my own kind of music.

I have worked with Ethan Burch and he has produced fantastic music and given my songs great vocals as Ethan is a featuring artist on many of my songs. I have also had songs produced by Custom Anthems and they have produced fantastic work also.

I am very thankful to Ethan and Custom Anthems for giving life to my lyrics.

My  songs are not about me or the people I have worked with. The songs are inspired by fantasy, fiction, life, people, the environment and so on.

I am a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. I was also awarded a certificate for a good level of songwriting from the UK Songwriting Contest. I am also a member of the PRS and PPL. My songs can be licensed.

Strange World Music was nominated for Best Classic Rock Act by Radio Wigwam, and I felt very honoured for being nominated.

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All songs can be licensed and enquiries should be made to the PRS and the PPL UK.

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